About Krystal

My name is Krystal.


I am fat. I love the hell out of myself.
I hate olives.
I love telling people about the evils of olives.
Have I mentioned that I’m fat?

You love or hate your body, and have the ability to influence either side of that coin… but it doesn’t stop there, does it?
Others will always *cough* weigh in on your choices.
Well, after  years of pretending that I wanted to be thin, I finally had enough. I decided to actively pursue what would make me happy with my body, and the things I know it to be capable of, regardless of what society has to say.

I am a 30-something mother of four, wife to an amazing man, a longtime non-profit professional, and a prominent member of the extreme-altruist or X-Alt community that focuses on finding ways to empower others to help better their communities.

I am the branch leader for the Washington Initiative in Seattle, the Washington state branch of the Initiative Collective, with chapters around the world, where I organize homeless outreach events, pick up used/discarded needles, teach free self-defense classes, speak at LGBTQ events, conduct safety campaigns, promote our weekly radio show, and look for ways to help others help themselves.
I love to cook (sauces!), am forcing myself to enjoy baking, and exploring my beautiful city with my family.

Helping others help themselves.
Slobbery baby kisses.
Hard Cider.
Pioneer Square / Pike Place Market.
Geeking out over old architecture, sniffing books and briny air, trying any/all smoked foods, getting lost in a book, playing piano, taking selfies, and curling up with my man.

Purpose of this Blog

This blog is for me – to hold myself accountable to the challenging goals I have set and the way of thinking I have committed myself to.
This blog is for you – to encourage your own self-development, challenge you to think outside the box, and offer support on any goals you have that may go against the commonly held opinions of society.

Questions? Send them my way!

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